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  • How is rehearsal time counted?
    The rehearsal time starts 5 minutes after the photographer arrives at the scheduled location.
  • How long does it take for me to receive the photos?
    The link to access the album with photos from the photoshoot will be available within 3 business days after the shoot.
  • Where will the test take place?
    The choice of the photo shoot will be decided according to your needs, during our conversations. Feel free to tell me what you expect from the photo shoot and I can suggest the best locations .
  • What should I wear on the day of the rehearsal?
    Miami is extremely hot . Therefore, opt for light and refreshing clothes. In group shoots (such as families and friends), try to combine similar color tones between the members. Neutral colors, such as white, beige and gray, are always great options for any scenario. Don't forget to also carry a bottle of water . 😀
  • What happens in case of rain?
    The weather in Florida is very unpredictable and can change at any time. If we have a change in weather - last minute - we can try to reschedule the shoot for another time or day (following the availability of the photographer's and client's schedule). If for any reason we do not have any time available within your travel dates, the rehearsal may be canceled and the amount paid will be refunded.
  • I need to cancel the rehearsal. What should I do?
    We are all subject to unforeseen events and this is completely normal. If you need to cancel your photoshoot in Florida: - For appointments made at least 14 days before the photoshoot takes place, the booking fee will be refunded in full . - For cancellation less than 14 days ago : Cancellation made less than 14 days before the rehearsal date does not guarantee a refund of the booking fee paid .
  • How does payment for the essay work?
    When booking your rehearsal date, you will only need to pay the booking fee , in the amount of $50 (dollars), directly through the website. The remaining cost of the shoot must be paid directly to the photographer, at the end of the shoot . For the rest of the payment, the following methods will be accepted: PayPal, cash or wire transfer to a bank in the United States.
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